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Looking for the best diabetes app? Look no further, Cori makes everything easy peasy so you can enjoy more of your life.

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Keeping track of your blood glucose, meals, medications and workouts has never been so easy. With Cori you don’t need to be a doctor to understand whats happening in your body.

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No two diabetics are the same, that’s why we’ve designed Cori to fit everyone. Both newcomers and those who could write a book.

Whoever you are, Cori helps you to create your own path and keep your destination in sight.

Type Mike

Diabetes type 1 since 2022

Type Helen

Gestational diabetes

Type Sarah

Type 2 diabetes since 2020

Type John

Diabetes type 1 since 1985

An oracle named Artificial Intelligence

An oracle named Artificial Intelligence

Cori knows your diabetes so well that it can predict the impact that running or eating a hamburger is going to have on your glucose. Like a video call to the Oracle of Delphi, but changing the magic for Artificial Intelligence.

Cori Diabetes Artificial Intelligence
We make easy

We make easy

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