The Artificial Intelligence driven health coach for diabetes

Built with the help of:

We analyze all the data so you can
take better decisions

All your data in one app

Unbiased Artificial Intelligence

With just two weeks of use, Cori’s advance Machine Learning models can learn and adapt to you. So they can avoid bias and be extremely precise in their analysis and recomendations.

Artificial Intelligence powered plans
that adapt to you

No two people with diabetes are alike. So, why should your diet and exercise plan be always the same?

1. Test

With a quick test Cori knows your current condition. Tell us your objectives, and we’re ready to go.

2. Plan

Cori’s advanced Artificial Intelligence creates a personalized exercise & diet plan. Tailor made to you.

3. Adapt

Cori measures the impact of every workout and meal to adapts its plans to better suit your current needs.

With you on every step of the way

Our hyper-personalized workout plans are designed so you don’t get burned out on the first day and never come back.

Thanks to Apple Watch‘s advance Health Sensors and your Continuous Glucose Monitor Cori knows your physical condition. So, once you start working out, it knows if you’re following the exercise plan correctly. And guides you to the right pace.

We celebrate every (small) victory

Our advanced gamification system is fine tuned to motivate you so you don’t give up on the marathon that is living with diabetes. We celebrate every attempt, and every struggle. Because every (small) step counts towards living a healthier and happier life.

Cori will always be on your team.

Don’t wait to know your progress

Is easy to give up when you don’t have any sense of progress. But thanks to Cori’s Weekly, Monthly, and Anual reports you don’t have to wait 6 months to see how your Glucose, Activity, or Medication has evolved.

Charts and insights that you can understand at a glance. So you can celebrate your progress. Or have a clear view of where you need to keep working on, and ask for advice to your doctor.

Scori: Your own personal energy level

Thanks to Apple Watch’s advance health sensors we can calculate your Scori. Your own personal energy level that changes thorough the day depending on your sleep quality, stress, tiredness, and even if you’re ill. All of it with only wearing your Apple Watch during the day, and while you sleep.

With this advanced indicator, Cori knows your Readiness To Train (RTT) so it can adapt your exercise and diet plan for today. Lowering the intensity of your next workout or even suggesting you to take a rest day.

Your Data,
None of Our Business

Cori has been designed to respect your privacy. All the information you save in the app belongs to you. We cannot access it and we don’t sell it to third parties.

AI-Powered Health Coach

Coming in 2023

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