Cori 2022.3 is out now and brings new features like a new home screen, integration with Apple Watch workouts, Reports, and the Academy.

After two intense months of work, today we’re releasing our most ambitious update to date. Starting with a new home screen that shows the evolution of your diabetes in a clear and concise way. And the new integration with the Apple Watch, so you can measure the impact of your workouts on glucose. Although that’s not all…

📱 A new Home Screen

One of the first challenges we faced when arrived in Pfizer’s InnomakersLAB at The Cube was redesigning the home screen. Our first version was very flexible and customizable, but as many of you told us, there was so much data that it was overwhelming. So, we decided to go back to the drawing board.

Now the data is displayed in a clear, concise way and without forgetting personalization. Because if there is one thing that is clear to us, it is that we want to design Cori for all types of people with diabetes. Starting with the main widget, where you can pick between seeing your last glucose measurement or the percentage that you have been in range today. Or in the graph section, where you can choose from several ways to see how you have been in the last hours and days.

A solid foundation on which we can build some very cool ideas that we have in mind. 👀

🚴‍♂️ Analyze your workouts

Physical activity and exercise are essential pieces when it comes to keeping diabetes under control. And thanks to the new integration with Apple Watch workouts, you can know how they affect your glucose. It doesn’t matter if you’re just out for a walk or if you’re a triathlete. If you want us to integrate other apps or sports bands, don’t hesitate to tell us.

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People with diabetes are especially vulnerable to the dangers of colds and the flu, but there are things you can do to control your symptoms and avoid getting sick in the first place. You may maintain your health even when you’re feeling under the weather by constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels, staying hydrated, getting enough of rest, and adhering to your diabetes management plan. Additionally, you may lower your risk of getting sick and safeguard yourself from any problems by maintaining proper cleanliness, being vaccinated, and generally maintaining good health. Make sure to discuss any worries you may have with your healthcare team for advice and support if you have diabetes and are worried about managing colds and the flu.

📊 Reports: Look Long Term

Diabetes is a long-term marathon in which you don’t just have to worry about day to day. Cori’s new reports help you look at the long term. Showing you your typical week, so you can see how regular you are with your meals or medication, and even what days and times you are usually out of range.

👩‍🎓 Academy

Diabetes education is paramount. That is why we have decided to create the Academy. A space with advice, ideas, and information to make everyday life easier for all people with diabetes. You can also read all the articles on our blog.

Do you like what we have added? You can download Cori for free on the App Store. Oh! And don’t forget to leave us a rating of 5 ⭐️, it will take a few seconds, and it helps us a lot.