Get to know your body better thanks to the Scori (personal energy indicator) and Heart Rate Zones. In addition, relive the routes of your workouts.

After laying new foundations with the first update in 2023, this second version of the year we start taking the first steps towards the Cori of the future. And we do so with a special emphasis on listening to your heart. All thanks to the data collected from it by the advanced health sensors of your Apple Watch.

You’ve probably heard of heart rate, but you probably don’t know everything your heartbeat says about you. Thanks to the maximum levels, at rest or Heart Rate Variability (HRV, for its acronym in English) we can create interesting functions such as these:

Scori: Your energy indicator

After several months of testing, 2023.2 includes the first version of Scori. A personal energy indicator that varies throughout the day depending on how well you have slept, the amount of effort you have made, or even if you are sick. A score from 0 to 10 with which you can start to get to know your body better.

As we have just mentioned, this is a first version that we will be improving throughout the year. For the moment it is calculated using Heart Rate Variability, an indicator that measures the time (in milliseconds) between two consecutive heartbeats. In future versions we will complete it with other data such as sleep, resting heart rate, oxygen saturation or body temperature.

All this with the aim of giving you the necessary tools so that you can know your body better and Cori adapts to how you are at that precise moment.

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Heart rate zones

Because of its immediacy, heart rate is one of the best indicators of training intensity. Think of it as the revolutions of an engine. Depending on your goal (how and where you want to get to) you would have to go at one intensity or another.

For example, in a race you may want to go at full throttle, but it is vital to know your limits so that the engine does not break down in the middle of the race. If, on the other hand, you want to cover a long distance, the ideal is to maintain a slower but steady pace. Each person is unique, just as there are hundreds of different engines, so it is essential to know what your limits are. And that’s where Heart Rate Zones come in.

Cori calculates your zones using the Karvonen formula and your maximum heart rate over the last 90 days and your average resting heart rate. Thanks to that you can know your 5 zones:

  • Warm-up Zone: For more relaxed workouts. Like taking a walk with the dog or stretching, they are ideal for keeping you in zone 1.
  • Endurance Zone: You are burning fat and improving your endurance without extensive recovery.
  • Moderate Zone: This zone is very beneficial for your cardiovascular health and will also help you increase the strength of your muscles.
  • Intense Zone: Improves your endurance by increasing blood lactate levels for a longer period of time.
  • High Performance Zone: Your heart, blood and breathing are reaching their maximum. Avoid it so you don’t overexert yourself.

Training routes

Cori 2023.2

Last but not least, you can now view your training routes in Cori. One of the biggest requests from users since we launched the integration with workouts. Done ✅

What’s next?

As it could not be otherwise, the next update (v2023.3) is already in the oven and we expect it to reach the best screens on May 4. Although it coincides with Star Wars day, there will be no Jedi, but a new and advanced system to control your medications. We will go from supporting only insulin to any kind of medication. And Cori will remind you when to take them.

If you don’t want to wait for the launch, don’t hesitate to sign up for our public beta, see you next time!