Cori selected for the Apple Entrepreneur Camp acceleration program. The Apple Entrepreneur Camp, which kicks off this week, aims to help build the next generation of cutting-edge apps.

Cori, the digital assistant that helps people with diabetes to regain control of their condition, has been selected to participate in the Apple Entrepreneur Camp acceleration program organized by the Cupertino – based company.

The program, which kicks off this week, aims to help founding teams and their startups build the next generation of cutting-edge apps. During the program, which kicks off with a week-long immersion, Cori will receive one-on-one guidance on technology, design, marketing and business from Apple experts and engineers. In addition to having the opportunity to share mentoring, inspiration and ideas from the top leaders of the Cupertino company. All with the goal of significantly accelerating the development of the project.

Eight weeks after the program kicks off, the Apple Entrepreneur Camp ends with a Demo Day where all of Cori’s progress will be presented to some of Apple’s top leaders.

Although it does not occupy all the headlines, the World Health Organization considers diabetes to be the true pandemic of the 21st century” says Asier G. Morato, co-founder and CTO of Cori. According to data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 14.8% of the Spanish population has diabetes. A number that has grown by 42% since 2019.”When I debuted with diabetes at the age of 14, I experienced firsthand how difficult it is to take control of a chronic disease like diabetes, in which treatment can vary at times.” assures Asier G. Morato. “Only 55% of Spaniards with diabetes claim to have good control of their disease. That’s why we created Cori.

“Cori is a digital assistant, developed in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), which can be downloaded for free on your phone. It gathers all the variables that affect glucose (diet, exercise, medication, mood) and analyzes them together to see the impact they have on your body. Thanks to that information and with the help of Machine Learning models it is able to create a fully customized exercise and diet plan for the patient.

Which, together with its gamification system, is able to improve adherence to treatment and thus avoid future medical complications.

The selection for the Apple Entrepreneur Camp is the latest achievement in a year full of recognitions. Cori was the winner of the Innomakers4Health 2021 project organized by Pfizer and The Cube. An award that allowed him to inaugurate the Innovation Lab of the Pfizer in Spain, where he has been able to design and validate his proposal. He has also been recognized with the Best Idea Award by Álava Emprende and received the Inizia Uniemprendedor 2021 Award, granted by the UPV/EHU.

About Cori

Cori is a digital assistant that helps people with diabetes to regain control of their condition. It collects all the variables that affect glucose (diet, exercise, medication, mood) and analyzes them to see the impact they have on your body. In addition, it uses Machine Learning models to create personalized exercise and diet plans, as well as to predict short-term glucose.

The project is being developed in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) by Chubby Apps and is supported by Apple, Pfizer, The Cube, the European Union (NextGenerationEU) and BIC Araba.