October 31 is already here and there are many children who can’t eat candy, are you up for handing out non-food Halloween treats?

Halloween is one of those days that children wait with baited breath. For them it’s the perfect excuse to eat candy without discrimination. But maybe starting to give out non-food Halloween treats is a good idea.

Non-food Halloween treats will not only prevent kids from overeating. But it will also help prevent unwanted scares. There are more and more children who have food allergies or special conditions that don’t allow them to eat absolutely everything. For example, people with celiac disease should not eat foods with gluten. And people with diabetes should be careful with their blood sugar.

There are many other things that make this day special. The costumes, the scares, trick-or-treating… Even if there are no treats Halloween doesn’t lose its magic!

That’s why, in this article we’re going to show you 5 non-food Halloween treats that you can hand out when the kids knock on your door and say that “trick-or-treat” line.

Finger puppets


Finger puppets are a lot more fun than they look. They are placed like a thimble and have different shapes. Usually all the attention goes to the head, which is quite funny. You can find them in all kinds of shapes: animals, people, characters… Practically anything you want!

You can buy them online, but, if you are crafty, you can even try to make them yourself. With felt, glue and a little imagination will be more than enough for you to get some really cool finger puppets.

If you don’t know what kind of characters you can make for Halloween, here are some ideas too:

  • A bat
  • A ghost
  • A witch
  • A pumpkin
  • A vampire
  • Frankenstein
  • A black cat
  • A spider
  • A zombie

Vampire teeth


Who has never worn false teeth as a child for Halloween or carnival? Well, this is another one of the non-food Halloween treats. Search the Internet for a pack with different types of vampire teeth: some with blood, others without, more or less pointed. That’s up to your taste! And give them out to the kids who knock on your door. You’ll see how excited they’ll be!

Fluorescent glow sticks


On a night when it’s all dark and spooky, give fluorescent glow sticks. The children have to fold them in half so they light up. And so they will be lighting up the street with the colored sticks. They will be thrilled with the colored sticks for sure.

This non-food Halloween treats is very inexpensive and very easy to get. They come in a lot of colors and shapes. You have sticks, bracelets, rings or even necklaces. Are you up for it?

Halloween stickers or tattoos


Candy bag tattoos have always been a hit. So, this Halloween you can take that idea and give small stickers with cobwebs, pumpkins, ghosts, witches, spiders, cats, blacks…

You can give stickers too. These can be placed anywhere and will last much longer than the tattoos.

Funny headbands


Headbands are also a great choice. Kids fight to have the coolest and most original one. You can buy them online and then give one to each child who knocks on your door. They come in all kinds. There are some funnier ones with springs or eyes and others that are more realistic.

There are thousands of options for non-food Halloween treats. Additionally, you will promote good nutrition and prevent type 2 diabetes caused by obesity. Are you up for leaving candy aside on Halloween?

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