If you’re looking for daily activities for diabetes to help you keep your glucose at appropriate levels, this article is for you.

Want to start doing some exercise that will help you keep your glucose in check but you’re worried about having diabetes and don’t have the time? This article is your solution. In it you will find 5 daily activities for diabetes that will help you stay active and stabilize your glucose without the need to train or go to the gym.

In people with diabetes, it is recommended to practice sports for an average of 150 minutes a week, being aerobic exercises such as running or walking the most recommended because they affect glucose less. However, if you don’t have the time (or desire) to get into sports, here are some activities that you can do in your daily life that will help you with your glucose levels without too much effort.

1. Use your legs: go walking


Walking is an aerobic exercise that will strengthen your leg muscles. Plus, if you leave your car behind, you’ll also save on gas and parking hassles. Daily commutes, such as going to work, walking the dog or running errands on foot, will be more than enough to get you into the sport.

2. Do you have to go farther? Go by bike


If your destination is a bit further away, you don’t have to go by car either. Cycling is a very good option to cover distances in a short time, without polluting and, in addition, strengthening your legs and knees.

3. Avoid the elevator and take the stairs


Going up and down the stairs, although it may seem like a nightmare, has many more benefits than it seems. This activity, as small as it may seem, will help us strengthen our legs and build muscle and endurance.

4. Extend your walks with your dog a bit: one of the best daily activities for diabetes


If you have a dog, taking him down to the street is part of your daily obligations, besides having to do it several times. Since you have to do it, take the opportunity to lengthen those walks and walk 20 minutes with him every time you take him outside. At the end of the day, if you walk your dog 3 times, you will have walked a full hour just doing this. Plus, he’s sure to thank you for it.

Although these activities are not exercise as such, you should not forget to check your blood glucose levels during the day. Applications such as Cori will help you know how you are doing and will also help you see how your blood glucose levels are stabilizing.

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People with diabetes are especially vulnerable to the dangers of colds and the flu, but there are things you can do to control your symptoms and avoid getting sick in the first place. You may maintain your health even when you’re feeling under the weather by constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels, staying hydrated, getting enough of rest, and adhering to your diabetes management plan. Additionally, you may lower your risk of getting sick and safeguard yourself from any problems by maintaining proper cleanliness, being vaccinated, and generally maintaining good health. Make sure to discuss any worries you may have with your healthcare team for advice and support if you have diabetes and are worried about managing colds and the flu.

5. Stretch before going to bed


Stretching, undoubtedly, are the great forgotten within the sport. However, doing short stretches before going to bed will help you fall asleep more easily, relieve any muscle pain you may have, as well as help you relax to go to sleep.

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