Want to avoid the nightly highs and lows? Then pay attention to the healthy dinners for diabetes in this article.

If you have diabetes trying to control your glucose is a constant challenge. However, while you sleep is even harder. Glucose highs and lows can happen if you’re not careful about what you eat for dinner. But that’s where these 3 healthy dinners for diabetes come in to help you maintain your levels.

Remember that diabetes doesn’t stop you from eating anything. But you need to be more in control of what you choose and how much of each food you eat. Also, everyone has different ways of being affected by foods, so it’s all trial and error. Are you up for creating a menu for yourself with breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner? You can even include a dessert!

Chicken salad


This alternative has surely been the first to come to your mind. It’s usually the option everyone thinks of when talking about healthy diabetic dinners. Or even if you don’t have diabetes.

Choose the type of lettuce you like best. It can even be made with spinach. Add chicken breast cut into strips. The chicken can be grilled or steamed. As you prefer.

Once mixed, you can add some cheese without very much fat and some whole wheat bread in small pieces.

Season to taste and you have the first of the healthy dinners for diabetes.

Egg sandwich


Sandwiches are always a hit, no matter how you make them. They also give you a lot of different variations and options, so you can play with them and try new things.

Break two slices of bread. It is important that it is whole wheat, of course, since it has a lower glycemic index than white bread. Once you have it, toast it. With the bread ready it’s time to move on to the egg.

This you can prepare it as it suits you best. You can grill it, make it into an omelet or even boiled it, however you like it!

Once you have it, place it on a slice and cut two slices of tomato, some lettuce and onion. Place the vegetables on top of the egg and close the sandwich with the other piece of bread. If you like avocado it also looks great with this combination.


Pepper omelette


The last of the healthy diabetes dinners may sound silly, but it’s really good. Plus it’s quick, easy and inexpensive. What more do you need?

Beat a couple of eggs in a bowl. Add green and red bell pepper to taste in very small pieces. If you don’t like one of these two, you can omit it. No problem.

Pour it all into a pan and let it cook slowly. When it has curdled, turn it over and that’s it!

Remove from heat and serve with whole wheat toast.

It is recommended for dinners to be light, so the options you are going to find will not fill you up much. But with these three recipes you will get them to become something varied and healthy.

Remember that when you have diabetes it is very important to be aware of your glucose, since each food has a different influence on each person.

Cori can help you with this task in a super simple way. It will show you how your glucose levels are in an easy and simple to understand way. In addition, it will help you establish healthier habits to get your diabetes under control.

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People with diabetes are especially vulnerable to the dangers of colds and the flu, but there are things you can do to control your symptoms and avoid getting sick in the first place. You may maintain your health even when you’re feeling under the weather by constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels, staying hydrated, getting enough of rest, and adhering to your diabetes management plan. Additionally, you may lower your risk of getting sick and safeguard yourself from any problems by maintaining proper cleanliness, being vaccinated, and generally maintaining good health. Make sure to discuss any worries you may have with your healthcare team for advice and support if you have diabetes and are worried about managing colds and the flu.

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